Tire Management Consulting

What is a Tire Management Consultant?

A Tire Management Consultant is a “tire expert.” Because consultants are third parties, they are able to assess your current tire management practices without bias. ¬†Owner Bernard Jones (the mining and construction industries know him as Bimbo) brings over 20 years of tire experience to the table. Consultants look at current practices and develop a plan to maximize the usable life of your tires and equipment while increasing safety practices. The result is a fully-implemented program, including training sessions and materials.

Mission of Statement or Philosophy

Here at the Tire Management & Consulting Program we combine world-class industry expertise and dedicate safety development resources to deliver sustainable solutions to clients worldwide.

Detailed Services

  • In-depth evaluations of current tire maintenance and tire safety practices.
  • Analysis of mine operations, safety programs, and organizational strategies related to tire management and maintenance.
  • Professional guidance in tire, equipment, and supply selection.

    Download Sample Proposal

    Download Sample Proposal

  • Customized and training in tire operation and maintenance.
  • Customized training and procedural documentation for large tire management for existing and personnel. Including: training in tire repair, tire changing procedures, and tire operating and maintenance safety issues.
  • Safety reviews and training on SOPs.
  • Tire performance and site reports.


Visit Bernard’s LinkedIn profile for more information on his experience and qualifications.